Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dancing Partners

Trees on windswept islands partner in a dance with the wind.

Bow first at the beginning. Bow last at the end.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sketchbooks and real drawings

I am a purchaser of sketchbooks. Can't resist, must have, do have. Many. Never completed, I left them for another day. Then one day I bought another sketchbook, brought it home, looked at the pile of unfinished ones and brought myself to account. "No more sketchbooks until you finish the old ones" I told myself. This was very hard. This was difficult. This was like not scratching an itch! BUT, it worked. I still buy sketchbooks but now I finish them.

Then a friend sent me the link to a traveling sketchbook project "Sketchbook Project 2011" sponsored by the Brooklyn Art Library, NY. Such a great idea! Sign up (and pay for) a sketchbook, one is sent to you barcoded with your name and the theme you chose. Complete it by a certain date and mail it back to participate in a traveling exhibit of thousands of sketchbooks that travel all over the USA and a few cities in Canada.

Here are links to my three:
2011 "Secret Codes"