Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Papiers Colles 2012

 I draw every day.  I wake up early and use this time to draw. Some have gift wrapping paper pasted on them and some don’t. These could be called mixed media with ink but I prefer the French term “papiers colles” or pasted papers. I see how they have evolved over the years – they are an endless source of fascination. I play with the design formed by the paper on paper before pasting it down. 
 Very few have titles proper.

Sometimes they become what I want and other times they are a surprise.

One friend asks “Is it forgiving?” I don’t answer. “What does she mean – forgiving?” I think. Then I make a mistake that I can’t cover up – only I know that it is a mistake. That’s all I can see. So, it is not forgiving after all.